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Are You Playing The Keyboard Shuffle?


Do you have so many monitors, keyboards, & mice on your desk you don’t have room to get any work done?

Do you use several computers but never got around to buying a KVM switch? Just one more thing to add to the clutter, Huh!

Would you like to use just ONE keyboard and mouse to control PC, Mac, and Linux without adding hardware or spending extra money?

Well now you can with Synergy, a free open source utility that allows you to easily share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers on the same network. Nothing to buy, no hardware to install, just download and install the latest version of Synergy on all the computers you want to control. Then tell it which monitors are to the left or right of each other (or above or below). Then sit back and relax as you move your mouse from one screen to the other and even copy and paste things between systems. It works like a charm, I use it everyday. If you have a laptop you connect and disconnect from the setup to take with you; no problem, it will still work with the others just fine until you reconnect the laptop to your setup.

You can download the latest version of Synergy here: http://synergy-project.org

Do you have any Cool utilities to share?

Pass the word, all you Geeks!
James Duncan

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