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Here’s one even your Grandmother can use.

Telikin computer

Do you have a friend or family member that you would
like to get online, but computers are just too complicated
for them, the Telikin may be the answer.

It is a touch screen computer with a very simple user interface
with just those things that people really use the most. Email, photos,
Internet Browser, Video chat, Calendar, News, Weather, Games.
The interface removes all the complicated things you usually deal with.

And it is based on the Linux operating system so it is much
more secure from Viruses than a Microsoft Windows PC.

Granny will love it. She will even make you that special treat you loved as a kid.

Here are links to the site and a YouTube video about it.


Time to start saving up your money, Granny is going to
want it for her Birthday.

Do you have any Cool Gadgets to share?

Pass the word, all you Geeks!
James Duncan

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