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Honey, Where Did Those Driver Disks Go?


Even if you back up the important data on your computer,
I bet you never back up all your hardware drivers.

If your system ever has to be reinstalled, you’ll need mouse,
printer, video, and other drivers to get everything working again.
And you can never find the driver discs when you need them.

A system that won’t boot because of a corrupt driver can be one of the
hardest things to fix because you have to figure out which driver is
causing the problem.

The Double Driver utility scans your system, automatically detects
the drivers and lets you back them up. You have several backup
options including saving them to a self-executable file which
will automatically restore every driver when you run it.
Double Driver also lets you print a list of your installed drivers.

It is a free, portable application. There’s nothing to install; you can run
it from a flash drive as well as from your desktop.
Take a couple of minutes and make a driver backup. It may save
you a lot of time and money later.

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