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So You Really Need Your Outlook Calendar On Your Phone!


OK Smarty,


Now that you are out on your own, and not in that Corporate world,
you think that your Microsoft Outlook and all your programs
should still sync up on all your devices.


And to top it off, now you have one of those fancy Android smart phones.


Everyone is telling you that you have to go thru a Gmail account to get
things to sync up with your phone.


Think again, Einstein.


There are many apps that will do a partial job of syncing Outlook.
Companion Link is the only software I have found that will sync everything,
even without a corporate email server. Calendar, contacts, the works.


You can sync directly to Outlook or funnel thru a Google account,
or even use their own corporate server. The choice is yours.


Check it out here: http://www.companionlink.com/


Do you have any Cool Apps to share?

Pass the word, all you Geeks!
James Duncan

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