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Technology Tips and Savings for You

Here are a few technology tips that may save you some headaches.
James Duncan “Geek On The Go”

1. If you use Microsoft Office 2003 or older and you start getting files from people that you can not read, or look like a foreign language, do not assume there is anything wrong with your computer. The problem may be that your friend is using Office 2007 and sending you files in the default file format which is not compatable with older versions. They need to save thier files in the format that says it is compatable with 2003 and older versions.

2. Do not be in a hurry to get the new Windows 7 that is coming out in a few weeks. You need to give any new operating system at least 6 months for people to work out the major problems with it. Also, you can upgrade to it from Windows Vista but not from Windows XP. If you have XP, going to Windows 7 requires a complete new installation on your hard drive. Lastly, if you get a new computer and they offer you a Windows 7 CD to install later, make sure it is the full registered version and not the (RC) Release Candadate version as that one is a test version and will expire next summer requiring you to buy the licensed version.

3. If you recently got one of those Digital TV converter boxes and can not get a good signal it is because you need a better antenna, probably an outside antenna. And depending on the elevation of your home you may have to switch to a paid service to get a good picture. The digital signal travels in a straight line and if you are down in a valley or between other buildings you may not be able to get a good signal even with the highest amplified antenna.

Hope those tips are helpful. Many people do not know that “Geek On The Go” not only does computer repairs and installation but also helps people with their TV, Stereo, Digital Camera, Cell Phone, and other electronics needs.


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