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Tech Tips 2

Technology Tips for You.

Here are a few technology tips that may save you some headaches.
James Duncan “Geek On The Go”

1. Never pull out the USB cable of an external hard drive or flash drive
without first clicking the “Safely remove hardware” icon on the Windows
Taskbar (usually the bottom right of the desktop). Then select the drive
you want to disconnect and wait until it says it is save to remove it.
You can also just shut down the PC first then remove the USB cable.
If you just pull out the USB cable without doing this you could cause the
hard drive to crash or wipe out your data on the flash drive.

2. IF you have problems with your wireless connection to your router, where
it keeps saying “Cannot acquire the network address”. It might be your
computer settings or it could just be that your router is bad. Check your
wireless connection with another router first before you spend time trying
to fix a Windows wireless configuration problem.

3. Make sure you backup your data or create an Image of your hard drive
on a regular basis. There is a new variety of Rootkit computer viruses just
now going around that can not be detected or removed by any antivirus
software or virus removal software. It hides itself so you don’t know you
have it until it has corrupted your computer files so bad that the only fix is to
format your hard drive and reinstall Windows and all you programs and data.
It totally disables all brands of antivirus software and can’t be removed by
doing a Windows System Restore or repair installation. Contact me if you
need help setting up an automatic backup system for your data.

Hope those tips are helpful. Many people do not know that “Geek On The Go” not only does computer repairs and installation but also helps people with their TV, Stereo, Digital Camera, Cell Phone, and other electronics needs.


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