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Tech Tips 3

Technology Tips

James Duncan “Geek On The Go”

1. Microsoft now has a free Anti-virus program you can download called
Microsoft Security Essentials. It is not as good as paid programs like McAfee,
but is as good as other free programs like AVG or Avast and might be a good
Free solution for many people.
Read about it here: http://www.microsoft.com/Security_essentials/

2. Everyone needs to backup not only their data but also a complete “Image”
of your entire hard drive in case of a bad virus attack or hard drive crash.
With an Image of your drive you do not have to reinstall all your programs
and Windows operating system and spend a lot of time getting things back
the way you had them customized. An Image stored on another drive let’s
you restore everything back exactly as before within about an hour.
You need another drive and Imaging software. I can help you set this up.

3. An external USB hard drive is great for backing up your data and Images.
I recently found one that is about the same size and price as all others. ($89)
The difference is the SentrySafe is in a Fire-proof and Water-proof enclosure,
and the hard drive is encrypted so no one can get your data if it is stolen.
(Disreguard price on website) It comes with Imaging software included.

4. In dealing with client experiences with new Smart Phones including Samsung
and Blackberry, I recommend the new IPhone 3GS for a much better user
interface, more features and less problems. But get a good protective case.

Hope those tips are helpful. Many people do not know that “Geek On The Go” not only does computer repairs and installation but also helps people with their TV, Stereo, Digital Camera, Cell Phone, and other electronics needs.


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