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Tech Tips 5

Technology Tips and Savings for You.

James Duncan “Geek On The Go”

1. If a file does not open in the correct program when you click on it, you
can select a different program to use. Hold down the shift key and Right click
on the file you want to open. Select “Open with” then “Choose Program”.
Select the program you want to use from the list or choose “Browse”.
After selecting the program you want to use, make sure to check the box
that says “Always use the selected program” then click OK.

2. If you know someone who likes to send “Text” messages while driving,
These software apps will help them keep their eyes on the road. One let’s
them dictate a text message and the other sends an auto-response when
they recieve a Text. www.zoomsafer.com and www.Aegismobility.com

3. You can get a different cell phone without having to extend your contract
by purchasing from a 3rd party online store, and even find Unlocked phones
sold at Fry’s Electronics. You will have to pay full price for a new phone though.
When buying one make sure it is designed to work on your providers network.
An Unlocked phone will not necessarily work on every network, you must verify.

4. People have asked about getting notices to update programs and which
ones are safe to do. Some updates especially for hardware drivers are best
not to do unless you really know what you are doing. But the following are
usually safe to click OK when you get the notice. Quicken, Quickbooks,
Adobe Reader, Java, Flash Player, Shockwave, Quicktime, Windows Updates.

Hope those tips are helpful. Many people do not know that “Geek On The Go” not only does computer repairs and installation but also helps people with their TV, Stereo, Digital Camera, Cell Phone, and other electronics needs.


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