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Tech Tips 6

Technology Tips and Savings for You.

James Duncan “Geek On The Go”

1. If you travel with your ATT cell phone and go Roaming onto a different
network your voicemail may not work, especially if you turn off your phone.
Example: My client went on a Cruise Ship and the Cruise companies have
thier own network to forward your calls to the ship. But they charge you a
very high price to recieve calls or texts, so my client turned off the Iphone.
Anyone who called could not leave a voicemail, you can not even reach the
voicemail system, just get a message saying to call back later.
So no voicemail for a week.
I do not know if this is the same with other phone companies.
Before you travel or go off network, make sure you have a way
to get emergency messages in case your voicemail does not work.

2. Using Keyboard shortcuts can sometimes let you do things much quicker
than using a mouse. Here are some lists of keyboard shortcuts. Memorize
your favorites and maybe print the lists for reference.
The last one includes shortcuts for Mac OSX too.

3. .Here are some DFW area locations where you can drop off used batteries
and ink cartridges to recycle, or get your cell phone fixed.

Hope those tips are helpful. Many people do not know that “Geek On The Go” not only does computer repairs and installation but also helps people with their TV, Stereo, Digital Camera, Cell Phone, and other electronics needs.


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