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Client Reviews

Our family owned business is too small for an in-house IT person / Computer Geek and James has been invaluable to us for more than 2 years now. He is honest, dependable and explains things in terms that make sense to us. He has been able to handle all our office's IT/computer repair needs, which have been varied, and takes care of our computer needs at home as well. I would recommend James to anyone with IT / computer repair issues at the office or at home.-- Madelyn Ivey

James has been my computer repair specialist as well as repaired many household items. I can highly recommend James for his quick efficient results oriented work. He has provided ideas, information, structure, solutions and systems to increase productivity, reduce stress and give me more control over my time, space and activities. No job is too large or too small for James to handle and he turns out a first-class product. He is fast and trust worthy. -- Alison Collier

I want to recommend to you a new friend and computer "Doctor." He was referred to me as someone who could get my poor sick computer back in working order. And he did!!! I really do recommend him to those of you who may be "at home" computer users and are uncomfortable inviting in strangers to assist you with computer problems. James is very professional, quite respectable, and extremely understanding and patient with those of us who may not know much about the inner workings of computers, but sure do like them to run efficiently and up to speed. His services are very reasonable and he will get your system up and running quickly. -- Sandra Davis

James is really there for his customers! As usual, Elexis (our networking Guru) referred him to me! He saved me a lot of money by giving me simple advice about my computer after it crashed. which I would have known had I been using my head instead of panicking! He told me in just a few minutes over the phone to purchase the software, erase the files from my hard drive and install new security software for my PC. Works great! Always get the disks from the person who installed software for you, or you will be at their mercy later if you have a crash or emergency! -- Evelyn Tyler

Thanks for your help yesterday evening. My computer and printer are working much better now. Its really nice to have the sound back on as well. I appreciate your speed and efficiency in finding and resolving the problems with my computer. -- Bob Betts

Hi Ladies.. If you need your computer repaired or need a Computer Geek to go with you to shop for a new one I have a guy to recommend.. Sometimes we might not want a man we don't know to come over and work in our office to do repairs. So, I can vouch for James to do either of these things. -- Elexis Rice