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Watch Web Videos From Any Website On Your TV or Smartphone



The problem with the new Smart TVs, DVD players and Set top boxes is that most of them lock you into using a few online services like Netflix that you have to pay a monthly fee and can not watch content that is on any other websites.

Now there is an open source software called Flingo that will let you go to a website on your computer and click a button on your browser toolbar to send the video on that page to their website. Then you can go to your Smartphone or TV and watch the video on either of them.

You just install the app on your phone, or get a TV, DVD player or set top box like Roku, making sure that it has the Flingo apps installed on it. Then go to your TV and to the Flingo app, and there is your list of videos waiting for you to view them. Works like your list of videos in Netflix, but you can watch videos from any site on the Internet.



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